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Sustainable Groundwater Management Act

Galt Irrigation District is a Groundwater Sustainability Agency (GSA) within the Cosumnes Subbasin and is particpating in developing a Groundwater Sustainability Plan for the subbasin.  This plan will be completed by January of 2021 and implementation will began in February of 2021.  

Draft Components of the Groundwater Sustainability Program are located at the following website:


Proposed Fee on Irrigated Acres Within the Galt Irrigation DIstrict

The following information is on the proposed fee on irrigated acres within the Galt Irrigation DIstrict.

The following table has the parcel numbers and the number of irrigated acres per parcel which are proposed to be assess at $10 per irrigated acre.  

(Updated as of August 6, 2021 with submitted correction forms)

GID_Billed_Parcels_Website.pdfParcels Removed From Year 1 Fee Program.pdf

 Below is the rate study used to determine the proposed assessement.

Rate Study for the Cosumnes BasinGalt ID GW Fee Presentation 07.29.21.pdf


Irrigated Acreage Appeal and Correction Forms


Galt ID Irrigated Acreage Corrections Form.pdf

2018 Crop Data GIS Map